About iFarm

Championing food security

iFarm was started with a simple desire to promote food security in urban areas, throw creating awareness and providing solutions for individuals, communities and institutions to contribute to address this challenge. Food inequality is a major global challenge, where in some sectors enormous amounts of food goes to waste, while some communities lack access to basic food requirements.

One factor that is responsible for food inequality, is the disconnect between consumers and our food systems. Because food items can be bought easily from supermarkets, the average consumer does not understand what it takes to grow food.

Our primary purpose at iFarm is to connect people to their food systems by actively participating in growing food.

Hydroponic systems are a fun way of growing clean food in confined spaces in urban areas. They also provide excellent entrepreneurial opportunities, as the prices of food escalate, young people with an entrepreneurial mindset will take advantage to effectively participate in agriculture.

Our target communities

iFarm is planning to change how we view our food, with our interventions targetting the following establishments: -

Restaurants: We would like to encourage restaurants to source their vegetables sustainably or grow their own through vertifical/hydroponic farming

Schools: We want to inspire young people to participate in agriculture, by introducing hydroponic systems in schools.

Homes: Every single household needs to be accorded an opportunity to plant a garden, to encourage healthy diets and reduce food waste.

We aim to introduce hydroponic systems into local schools, t